Talendis an Open Source Data Integration tool, that can be used to send data toVizardfrom different data sources such as Enterprise Systems (such as SAP, Oracle etc), Relational Databases (such as MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL etc) and Cloud Software (such as Salesforce etc).

This help section demonstrates an example on how to integrate data fromMySQLdatabase into Vizard using Talend. We will build a Talend job to send data to three different tables (salaries, dept_emp, departments) by extracting data from MySQL Database.


The sample database used in this example is as shown.

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Create Job

Create a Job in Talend by selecting Create Job under Job Designs as shown below.

Name the talend Job and click Finish to create the Job. Double click the Job under Job Designs to open the Job.

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Add Components

You can add talend components from the Palette.To extract data from MySQL database, we needtMysqlInputcomponent. Since we have three tables, i.e. salaries, dept_empanddepartments.we will add three tMysqlInputcomponents in the Job.

For Edit Components Name : Change the name of the components in the View subtab under Component tab as shown below.

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Create a Database Connection

To configure the schema to MySQL components you need to establish a connection to the database. This can be done in two ways, one is to create a connection inMetadataso that you can use this connection across components and the other is to create a connection in the Componenttab. It is advisable to create a connection in Metadata. Kindly follow this video for create ametadata connection.

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Configure Schema to MySQL Components

To Configure schema of MySQL components, You can speify the Table Nameand SQL Query,use the following queries to get the schema.

ForsalariesComponent :SELECT * FROM salaries LIMIT 2000

Fordept_empComponent :SELECT * FROM dept_emp LIMIT 2000

For departmentsComponent :SELECT * FROM departments LIMIT 2000

Table Name and SQL Query can be specified under Component tab.

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Use tMap Component

Add a tMapcomponent.

Double click on tMap to openMap Editor

Add output fields by dragging and dropping from table 1.

Similarlly connect with others tables

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Convert data to JSON format

Sending data to Vizard requires making a HTTP request to Vizard's REST API endpoint. Data will be sent in request body as a JSON string. Hence, you need to convert row based data to JSON data. AddtWriteJSONField component to convert data to JSON format and connect to tMap to receive data from tMap.

Vizard expects request body to be in this format, with data rows in docs key. We will configure the JSON structure accordingly.

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Double click on tWriteJSONField component to configure the tree. Add docsas Sub-element under rootTag.

Add attributeclassdocs element.

Set a fixed valuearrayto class.

Addelementas Sub-element underdocs.

Set it asLoop Element.

Add fields to the elementelement.

SelectCreate as sub-element of target node.

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EdittWriteJSONFieldcomponent output data schema.

Add fieldstringtotWriteJSONFieldoutput.

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You can send new fields that are required to send data to Vizard. You can add those fields in tMap component. Add variablevizardCounter and tableName.

Set the value to Mathematical.SDIV(Numeric.sequence("s1",1,1),1000),this will increment the value of vizardCounter by 1 for every 1000 rows. And Use tableName (Defined Teable Name in Vizard) for tableName field.

Add vizardCounter and tableNameto output.

Remove root node and group by vizardCounter,to group all the rows with same vizardCounterand make a request. This will help you send data in batches.

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Drag tableName in root, as shown below.

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Send Data to Vizard

To send data to Vizard, add a tRESTClient component and Connect withtWriteJSONField

tRESTClientcomponent tab, edit thecomponent underBasic Settings as shown. Note thatteam_id andapp_id values can be obtained underAPI TOKENSsubtab underDATAtab in Vizard. Click here to know how to get team_id and app_id.

InAdvanced Setting add HTTP header"Authorization" and set value as shown. Note that the value of token can be obtained fromAPI TOKENS subtab underDATA tab in Vizard. Click here to know more about generating token.

Select Drop JSON Request Root and Deselect Convert Response to DOM Document

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