Talend can be used to send data toVizardfrom different data sources such as Enterprise Systems (like SAP, Oracle etc), Relational Databases (like MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL etc) and Cloud Software (like Salesforce etc).

This help section describes how to use Talend to integrate data from aDatabase into Vizard.

The following are different steps involved in sending data to Vizard from a MySQLdatabase using Talend.

Extract Data

Create a Database Connection

In this section, we will see how to Extract data from a MySQL database using Talend.

Transform Data

Convert data to JSON format

Format Interface

Vizard expects request body to be in JSON format, shown to the right, with data rows in docs key.

In the following Tutorial, we will see how to configure the JSON structure in Talend , before it can be sent to Vizard's API.

Load Data

Send Data to Vizard

Sending data to Vizard requires making an HTTP request to Vizard's REST API endpoint.

In the following tutorial, we will see how to send data to Vizard.