If you are the Team Admin, you can Delete Data. Go to admin mode by clickingSwitch to Admin Modemenu item in Vizard Menu, which can be acccessed by clicking the Profile Image.

Format Interface

There are two ways to delete data:

To access these delete data options, SelectDATAsubtab underAPP DATAtab.

Delete All Data.

To completely erase the data in the vizard, you can clickDeleteicon.

After clickingDeleteicon, a window pops out prompting to confirm the deletion and after confirming, a window asks you to enter the application name, after providing the corresponding details, the data deletion is complete.

Format Interface

Delete specific rows

To delete specific rows based on the unique IDs, you need to specify these rows using unique IDs, this can be done by uploading a data file with unique IDs of these specific rows. You can select Table NameunderTABLE, DeleteunderACTION and upload a data file in CSV or JSON format with the unique IDs by clickingfoldericon to select the data file and uploading it by clickingUpload Files(s) button.

Format Interface