Vizard's intuitive User Interface is designed to simplify navigation.

Top Navigation Menu

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Located at the top, it contains menu items such as Apps,Users, User Groups, Team Details and Miscellaneous

Profile Image

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To the top right of the Home Page is theProfile Image.

Next to the Profile Image, are details such as your Name, Name of the Application currently being accessed and the current Team Name.

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The search box is placed right below the Profile Image. You can search for a Dashboard by its name using theSearch Box, type the name (partial or full) of a Dashboard you want to find.

Vizard Menu

Click on the Profile Image to access theVizard Menu. Following is a list of the Menu Items in the Vizard Menu:

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You can access any Dashboard by clicking on the card representing the Dashboard from the List of Dashboards.

A Dashboard is a collection of interactive charts that display insights from Data. Dashboards help track KPIs and business metrics. Each Dashboard is made up of multiple, independently configurable elements calledTiles.Format Interface

Select Dashboard

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It is a part of the Top Navigation Menu.

Select Dashboard is used to instantaneously access a particular dashboard, or to switch between dashboards.

Export Visualisations

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You can export an entire Dashboard or Tiles (one or more) in a Dashboard. You can export either as an image, PDF or CSV. To export, clickExport Visualizations button at the top of the page.

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There arethree options for exporting a Dashboard:

To finish the process, click on the orange Export icon at the top of the page.

When you login to Vizard:

Admin Mode

If you are an Admin, when you login to Vizard, you will be taken to the Home page of your current Team.

The home page displays a List of Applications.

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App Mode

App Mode or The Application Mode is your natural workspace in Vizard. In App mode you can Create Applications, make Dashboards, run Queries and Explore your Data.

The home page displays a List of Dashboards.

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Chat with us at anytime

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Chat with a member of Team Infruid at any time by clicking on theblue chat button on the bottom right corner of the Home Page.

To dismiss the Chat Button, hover on top of it till aX button is displayed and then click on the X button.
You can access the chat functionality any time by using the Chat With Team Infruid  menu item from the Vizard Menu.
(Note:Chat With Team Infruid menu item will only appear in Vizard Menu after you dismiss Chat.)