If you are theTeam Admin,you can clone an app. Go toAdmin Modeby clickingSwitch to Admin Modemenu item in Vizard Menu, which can be acccessed by clicking the Profile Image.

Format Interface

InAdmin Mode,you can see the existingAppsin the LIST OF APPSsubtab underAPPStab.You can clone anAppby clickingClone Applicationicon on theAppcard and you can configure the clonedApplicationby clicking the clonedAPPcard.

You will be directed to setup schema, you can use the following link to know more about setting up the data schema: Setup Data Schema.

In the LIST OF APPSsubtab underAPPStab, you can see the cloned app along with the existing apps.

Format Interface

Tip: When you clone an application, the dashboards created in the application are copied to the cloned app.