You can access the Explore interface in two ways:

  1. By selecting an App in the Go to App section of Profile Menu and then navigating to the Explore tab in the header,
  2. When Creating or Editing a Dashboard

NOTE: You cannot access this section if you are added to the Team as a Dashboard Viewer.

The various controls in the Explore interface are explained below:

The Question-Box

The Question Box

In the Question-Box, you can type your Question or let the system prompt you with guided search. Vizard shows a list of suggested Questions as you type.

By default, Vizard shows an interactive Visualization (Chart) for the first suggestion in that list. You can pick a different suggestion to see a Visualization for that Question.

Question Options

Question Options

Multiple Questions

You can ask multiple Questions simultaneously on the Data. The Visualization will display results for all the Questions as long as their results can be combined into a single chart.


You can use mathematical Expressions like e.g. AVG(SUM(SALES), SUM(PROFIT)) in your Questions. In addition to directly typing them, you can construct complex Expressions through the Expression Builder tool.

Asking Questions through Mic

Instead of typing your Question, you can talk to Vizard through your device's microphone to ask a Question. This is an experimental feature available only in Google Chrome. Vizard uses Google Chrome's Speech Recognition feature for this.

Please note that using Speech Recognition in Chrome will send your audio to Google's web service for processing. Vizard does not have any control on this service. Please be aware of this when using this feature. When you try to use this feature for the first time, Vizard shows a prompt with the same warning and asks for your consent.

Customizing the Visualization

Vizard provides a host of options to customize the Visualizations. Please see Customize Dashboard Tiles to learn more.