Basic Guidelines

There are 4 simple guidelines to follow when constructing Expressions using the Expression-Builder:

  1. Start typing in the Expression-Box.
  2. Use the suggestions provided at each word.
  3. Navigate back and forth between words using the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys. You can also navigate to a word by clicking on it.
  4. Use the toolbar buttons provided for each word/phrase as needed.

Example: We'll construct this simple Expression following the above guidelines: PRODUCT(100, SALES, PROFIT)

Matching Suggestions

See Examples of Building Expressions for more complex examples.

Toolbar Shortcuts

Vizard provides convenient shortcuts for each of the Toolbar buttons. Memorizing these shortcuts will make it faster to build Expressions. Below is a list of all possible Toolbar buttons and their shortcuts:

Add Parentheses Button(Wraps the current word in Parentheses.
Remove Parentheses ButtonCtrl + (Removes Parentheses.
Add Argument Button,Adds a new Argument after the current Argument.
Remove Argument ButtonShift + ,Removes the current Argument.
Add Operator Button+
Adds an Operator after the current word.
Add Filter ButtonCtrl + FAdds a Filter inside a Function. See Filters in Functions for details.
Remove Filter ButtonCtrl + Shift + FRemoves the current Filter.
Add Grouping ButtonCtrl + GAdds Grouping inside a Function. See Grouping in Functions for details.
Remove Grouping ButtonCtrl + Shift + GRemoves the current Grouping.
Delete ButtonDelete
Removes the content of the current word/phrase.

Disabled Shortcuts

Some of these shortcuts are disabled when the current word can have custom Text content. Take this example Question:

When typing comma in the second Argument, since typing comma should not lead to a new argument, that shortcut is disabled.

In these cases, you'll have to click the Toolbar buttons for the desired functionality.

Touch Devices

Please note that these shortcuts are NOT supported on devices with a Touch-Screen.

Please press the Toolbar buttons directly to use them.