Other special constructs in Questions:

NOTE: All the example Questions in this page use this Example Dataset.

Raw Data

Sometimes, you'd like to see the Raw Data (uploaded Data in its original form) in a given context. Examples for the two variants of Raw Data Questions:

The first Question will return rows of Raw Data with just the specified Fields. The second Question will return rows of Raw Data with all available Fields.

In general, you'd like to get Raw Data in a specific context i.e. when some Filters are applied.


The Describe Keyword

The Describe Keyword provides a statistical analysis of a Numeric field. When you ask a Question like DESCRIBE SALES, you'll get these following statistics about the Field:



You can set up a Motion Chart to track the change of various Measures over time. To see such Animation of any Question, prefix the Question with a Keyword ANIMATE and add a Time Dimension at the end.


See the Animations in action below:

Questions across Multiple Tables

Asking Questions across Data from multiple Tables in Vizard is as simple as it is in SQL.

The only difference is that the dot notation is needed only when two Tables have the same Field name.

For example, say your data has the below tables:





Since the Field id is present in both the Tables, it should be qualified with the Table-name in your Questions as shown below:

Query Phrases

When you have a complex phrase in your Question which you use repeatedly, instead of typing it out everytime, you can set up a simple alias for the phrase. We call them Query Phrases.

Use the Manage Query Phrases button in the App Settings to set up such aliases.