You can integrate data from Database sources with Vizard using any data integration software.
We recommend using Talend Open Studio, a popular open source data integration software from Talend.
Please follow these steps to integrate with a Database source:

  1. Set up the Data Model. You can do that by either manually setting up Tables in the Data Model section or by uploading sample Data files as illustrated below.
  2. To authenticate requests to the Vizard API, set up an API Token.
  3. Integrate using Talend

Upload Sample Data

Here's an example of setting up Data Model by uploading sample data:

Set up API Token

You can create an API Token from the API Tokens section of App Permissions. You can also find the Index Data API Endpoint in that section.

Use the generated API Token and Index Data API Endpoint in Talend to send data to Vizard.

The below example illustrates how to create an API Token:

Integrate using Talend

Talend can be used to send data to Vizard from different data sources such as Enterprise Systems (like SAP, Oracle etc), Relational Databases (like MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL etc) and Cloud Software (like Salesforce etc).

Installing Talend Open Studio:

Please follow these steps to send data to Vizard from a database using Talend:

  1. Extract Data: Create a Database Connection. Database connections can either be setup under Metadata or in Built-in tab of a component. It is recommended to setup a connection in Metadata, as connections under Metadata can be used across multiple components.
  2. JSON Format ExampleTransform Data: Convert data to JSON format. Vizard expects request body to be in JSON format, shown to the right, with data rows in docs key. The intermediate variable vizardCounter will help you send data in batches. Here's the Expression to configure batch size: Mathematical.SDIV(Numeric.sequence("s1",1,1),1000).
  3. Load Data: Send Data to Vizard by making an HTTP request to Vizard's REST API endpoint.

Each of these steps are illustrated in the below 3 videos:

Once you have succesfully installed Talend and created a Talend Job to Upload your Data into Vizard, you can export the Talend Job as a Batch file and automate the Data upload by scheduling a daily run of batch file using the Window's Service (Task Scheduler).