This help page explains the advanced options related to Tile Dependencies (Dependent tiles). The interface for the options can be found in the Chart section of the sidebar as shown below.

Format Interface

Allow multiple selections

By default, you can select one filter at a time from the Master tile. You can modify this behavior by using the Allow multiple selections control. When that control is switched on, you can click multiple elements to apply filters from all the clicked elements. To deselect a filter, you can simply click the element again.

Reset Selection on Changes

When viewing adashboardwith tile-dependencies, by default, the previous selection in theMaster tileis retained when some changes happen to the tile. The changes include things like changes to thetime-filter,an auto-refresh to the dashboard and so on. You can modify this behavior using theReset selection on changescontrol. When that control isswitched on,the selection is always reset on changes to the tile.