Conditional Formatting is feature that allows you to apply color formats to the data displayed in your charts and have that formatting change depending on the value of the data. You could set your tile to display different color for different ranges of data, the colors and data-renge can be customized as per your needs.

To create rules for conditional formatting, click on the three dot under the series color sub-section of the color section in the Tile Menu. Clicking on Add new rule will be enable the following window:

Format Interface

Format InterfaceCondition on: Choose the field on which you would like to apply conditional formatting.

Type: Choose to set conditional formatting, either inside or outside of the data range.

Data Range: Choose your data range.

Color: Choose the color for this conditional formatting rule.

Finally, click on the save button to apply these changes to your tile.

You can setup multiple conditional formatting rules as shown below:

Format Interface