Create Dashboard

To create a dashboard, go to User Mode and click on the Format Interfaceadd new dashboard icon:

Dashboard Layout

In the tiles section, click on any of the empty squares to add a tile, Drag the edges of the tiles to resize the tile.

Format Interface

Query in a Tile

To query for data and configure the visualization displayed in a tile, click on a tile to open the tile configuration dialogue. Specify your query and watch as Vizard answers your question using an appropriate chart.

Do not forget to save your changes by clicking on the Format Interfacesave button:

Cross Platform Access

Vizard can be accessed seamlessly across desktops, tablets and mobiles.
To customise the dashboard for each, click on the auto layout for other devicesFormat Interface button:

Format Interface

The page will now display the tablet landscape, tablet portrait, mobile portrait and mobile landscape tabs:

Each of these layouts can now be individually configured per your preference