When you are exploring your data or when you are editing the query in a tile of a dashboard, Vizard defaults the visualization to the most appropriate chart type based on your query. However, you can change the chart type to one of your choice. This section describes different chart types available in Vizard and for which types of queries you can use them.

The following are the list of interactive charts available in Vizard.

Bar Charts

Bar Charts

Clustered Bar Charts

Stacked Bar Charts

Line Charts

Line Chart

Multiple Line Chart

Area Charts

Area Chart

Multiple Area Chart

Stacked Area Chart

Combo Charts

Pie Charts

Pie Chart

Donut Chart

Geographic Maps

Geo Map

Geo Map with Bubbles

Geo Map with Markers


Basic Tables

Pivot Table

Cross Tab

Spark Lines

Spark Line

Spark Area

Spark Bars

Single Value Metric Charts

Simple Value

Flip Counter

Advanced Charts

Heat Map

Scatter Chart

Bubble Chart

Waterfall Chart

Pareto Chart

Gauge Chart

Selection Chart