Query Phrases are a way to simplify complex queries and make them user friendly. A complex query can be mapped to a simple user friendly query phrase. Whenever you use query phrase in a question, Vizard will substitute the mapped complex query to get the results.

Team Admincan useQuery Phrasesby switching to the Admin Mode.

Format Interface

To manage the Query Phrasesof an application, first select an application by clicking on it. Then select Query Phrasessubtab under APP DATAtab.

As seen below, if query phrase is DISPLAY ORDER EFFICIENCY and mapped sub query is COUNT UNIQUE ACROSS MAIN CATEGORY WHERE CLICKED_RANK < 20, then Vizard will execute this mapped sub query, every time you use DISPLAY ORDER EFFICIENCY in your questions

Format Interface

Vizard also supports parameterized query phrases.These are query phrases that can contain placeholders that can be replaced when used in a question. Parameters are specified with a # followed by a number. For example: # 1, # 2, # 3 etc. When users uses a parameterized query phrase in a question, they can replace the placeholders with fields or field values.

As an example, if mapped sub query is SHOW SALES OF #1 and query phrase is #1 SALES, then Vizard will execute SHOW SALES OF CALIFORNIA when you ask the question CALIFORNIA SALES. If you ask the question NEW YORK SALES, then Vizard will execute the result for SHOW SALES OF NEW YORK.

Parameterized query phrases allow you to use a single parameterized query phrase as a substitute for many similar queries.